Where are the Restrooms?

There are four sets of restrooms accessible from the Concourse Level (Also sometimes referred to as the Entry Level). Womenís restrooms are located behind sections E, H, N, and Q. Menís restrooms are located behind sections F, R, J, and M.

Is there a handicapped restroom?

There are wheelchair accessible restrooms for both men and women behind section G. These are also available for use by those with limited mobility as there are no steps necessary to enter these restrooms.

Iím handicapped. How can I get into the Mabee Center?

Enter the Mabee Center on the North side of the building through the TTCU North Lobby. This is the side of the building which faces the Oral Roberts University Praying Hands. There will be an usher and a security guard at the base of the escalator. Tell either one of them that you need assistance and they will direct you to the elevator, which will take you to the Concourse Level where you enter the arena (Also known as the Entry Level).

Do you have handicapped parking?

Handicapped parking spaces are available in parking lots A and B. Parking lot B is on the south side of the Mabee Center, and is the best place to park if you are attending an event in the South Lobby of the Mabee Center. For all other events, Parking lot A on the north side of the Mabee Center would be the best place to park.

Is Handicapped seating available?

Wheelchair seating is available on row 19 of sections D, E, H, and J. One person is allowed to sit with the wheelchair patron, but other family members or friends will need to find seating in rows nearby.

I canít do steps. Is there anywhere I can sit?

Rows 17 and 18 in sections D, E, H, and J are reserved for mobility impaired patrons. These rows involve 2 or 3 steps, and there is a handrail in the middle of the aisle to assist you.

Do you have a wheelchair I can sit in?

The Mabee Center has only one wheelchair and we cannot allow patrons to sit in it during events, however, we will transport you to a seat. When you enter the North Lobby, tell any usher or security guard that you need assistance with transportation to a seat. They will radio the standby medical personnel to come and transport you. After the event, find an usher or security guard and request transport.

Guest Services at Guest Relations:

Guest Relations is located on the Concourse Level, previously known as the Entry Level, immediately adjacent to the elevator. After you have been seated in the arena, a family member or friend may check your walker or cane at the Guest Relations table. At any time during the event, if you need your walker or cane, you may retrieve it from Guest Relations. Tripods are not allowed in the Arena and may be checked at the Guest Relations table. Strollers, car seats, or baby seats may also be checked in at the Guest Relations table as there may not be room to accommodate these items at your seat. There is no charge for this service which we hope will make your visit to the Mabee Center a pleasant experience both for you and the patrons seated near you.

If you have lost an item, please check with Guest Relations to see if it has been turned in and to give us information to enable us to reach you if your item is turned in at a later time. If you find an item, please turn it in at the Guest Relations table or give it to an usher.

If you need an assisted listening device, these are available at the Guest Relations Table.

If you need to make a phone call, a telephone is available at the Guest Relations Table.

Additional Information:

For more information on similar topics please visit the Disability Services page and the Customer Information Center.