LuvnGod Ministries

Mabee Center Arena (Enter through the Mabee Center North Lobby)
First Sunday of the Month @ 2 PM

Upcoming Services:

  • April 7, 2 PM
  • May 5, 2 PM
  • June 2, 2 PM
  • July 7, 2 PM
  • August 4, 2 PM

The day we are in, so many people are living in fear, everywhere you turn you hear bad news. I think we are ready for some good news with no catch on it. Growing up, I never really wanted something good to happen. Why? Because bad would happen right after the good. Then I had an incredible life changing experience. I met Jesus. Everything was wonderful. I had peace, joy, and unconditional love where Jesus had set me free. But, here comes the ol’, “But you need to do this and then the windows of heaven will be open. But if you don’t obey, then you won’t be blessed.” Well, the great news is Jesus is in our city and He’s moving people’s “buts” out of the way. He loves you, He has already forgiven you, He is for you. I would like to invite you to meet my greatest friend, to hear some good news with no catch on it. Bring your friends, your family, and bring someone who needs to experience Life & Life more abundant.

See you there —- Debra Martin, LUVNGOD Ministries.

Jesus is Healing Spiritually, Emotionally,
Physically, Mentally & Financially!

There has been a shift in the Spirit for the last 2 years. The Glory of the Lord will cover the earth Now as the water covers the seas. The Dark will get darker & the Light will get Brighter.