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7777 S. Lewis Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74171

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M – F | 10 AM – 4 PM
(918) 495-6000

Become a Partner Today!

Become a Partner Today!

Dear Glover Family & Steve Barnes,

We are greatly interested in partnering with you and believe this partnership between us would establish a strong relationship, benefiting both of our organizations as well as our customers. During the commencement season, we had 109,000 visitors come through our building with approximately 12,000 graduates. Our complimentary trial during this time (which can be improved upon and customized as needed) is valued at $500 per commencement, totaling $12,500 for 25 commencements. A new marquee screen is being installed today and is also included in our partnership package, which runs 24/7 all year long, a $36,500 value. This comes to almost $50,000 in commencement and marquee promotions alone, not including plasmas, Eblasts, social media, etc. Our aim is to create a joint cooperation where both you and our customers are happy. Take a look below at some of the things we have to offer you as a partner. Click here to view photos from the Glover Graduation Giveaway.


The Mabee Center Team

Notable Metrics

  • 110,000 people drive by our marquee daily (2014 cross-study of 81st & Lewis Ave)
  • 10,000 website visits weekly
  • Thousands of participants are in community events* at the Mabee Center
  • Recent inductee into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame

*Potential sponsorship opportunities with community walks/runs


Banner / Location: North Lobby

  • Banner in Lobby or on Entry Level (As soon as the flat screens are installed the banners will be taken down
  • Specific banners (unlimited) during sponsored show


14 Flat Screens / Location: Ticket window, concessions, entry escalator

  • In-house TV system rotating :30 spots
  • Max of 16 items in the rotation at any given time


Location: Corner of 81st & Lewis

  • Rotating :10 spots during the corresponding sponsored show



  • Home Page Banner/Link 100% logo presence
  • Email Blasts- ticket promotions attached to sponsored show

Social Media

  • FacebookTwitter and Instagram posts promoting your business
  • Photos and videos uploaded to our Flickr and YouTube pages
  • Access to tens of thousands of Mabee Center fans and potential customers in the Tulsa area and surrounding communities


  • Premium Tickets: 4 tickets to any 6 Mabee Center Shows
  • Pre-Show/Pre-Sale ticket opportunities
  • Additional athletic sponsorship possibilities for investment
  • 10 premium tickets to your sponsored show
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