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7777 S. Lewis Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74171

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M – F | 10 AM – 4 PM
(918) 495-6000

Become a Partner Today!

Become a Partner Today!

Dear Potential Sponsor,

We are greatly interested in partnering with you and believe this partnership between us would establish a strong relationship, benefiting both of our organizations as well as our customers. Our aim is to create a joint cooperation where both you and our customers are happy. Take a look below at some of the things we have to offer you as a partner. 


The Mabee Center Team

Notable Metrics

  • 110,000 people drive by our marquee daily (2014 cross-study of 81st & Lewis Ave)
  • 10,000 website visits weekly
  • Thousands of participants are in community events* at the Mabee Center
  • Recent inductee into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame

*Potential sponsorship opportunities with community walks/runs


Banner / Location: North Lobby

  • Banner in Lobby or on Entry Level (As soon as the flat screens are installed the banners will be taken down
  • Specific banners (unlimited) during sponsored show


14 Flat Screens / Location: Ticket window, concessions, entry escalator

  • In-house TV system rotating :30 spots
  • Max of 16 items in the rotation at any given time


Location: Corner of 81st & Lewis

  • Rotating :10 spots during the corresponding sponsored show



  • Home Page Banner/Link 100% logo presence
  • Email Blasts- ticket promotions attached to sponsored show

Social Media

  • FacebookTwitter and Instagram posts promoting your business
  • Photos and videos uploaded to our Flickr and YouTube pages
  • Access to tens of thousands of Mabee Center fans and potential customers in the Tulsa area and surrounding communities


  • Premium Tickets: 4 tickets to any 6 Mabee Center Shows
  • Pre-Show/Pre-Sale ticket opportunities
  • Additional athletic sponsorship possibilities for investment
  • 10 premium tickets to your sponsored show

Presented By:

Mabee Center Charleston's