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Facts of the 80’s

Below are some of the main events, top songs, and fashion trends of the 1980’s:

Main Events of the 80’s

1. Ronald Reagan is elected as President (1980)
2. “Miracle on Ice”- USA Hockey beats USSR at Olympics (1980)
3. Mt. Saint Helens erupts, killing 60 people (1980)
4. 1st space shuttle “Columbia” is launched (1981)
5. MTV is launched (1981)
6. Pac-Man video game is released in the US (1981)
7. “Star Wars” is launched (1983)
8. Camcorders are introduced (1983)
9. Hit show M*A*S*H airs final episode (1983)
10. Nintedo game system is introduced (1985)
11. New Coke is introduced & quickly replaced by Orig. Coke (1985)
12. Space shuttle “Challenger” explodes during lift-off (1986)
13. “Black Monday” stock-market plunge (1987)
14. CDs outsell vinyl for the 1st time ever (1988)
15. Fall of the Berlin Wall (1989)Billboard Top 15 Songs of the 1970’s

Billboard Top 15 Songs of the 1980’s

1. “Every Breath You Take”, The Police
2. “Another One Bites The Dust”, Queen
3. “Take On Me”, A-Ha
4. “Bette Davis Eyes”, Kim Carnes
5. “Billie Jean”, Michael Jackson
6. “The Way You Make Me Feel”, Michael Jackson
7. “I Love Rock & Roll”, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
8. “With or Without You”, U2
9. “Sweet Child ‘O Mine”, Guns N’ Roses
10. “Call Me”, Blondie
11. “What’s Love Got To Do With It”, Tina Turner
12. “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”, Simple Minds
13. “Like A Prayer”, Madonna
14. “Straight Up”, Paula Abdul
15. “Need You Tonight”, INXS


Fashion Trends of the 80’s

1. Shoulder pads
2. Leg warmers
3. Parachute pants
4. Jelly shoes
5. Stretch-stirrup pants
6. Oversize tops
7. Slap bracelets
8. Reebok Pumps